As over 10,000 refugees in Hong Kong strugggle, their children face even a bleaker future

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Migrant Families

A lost tribe in the city: health status and needs of African asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong

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Pakistani Observa, Hundreds of Pakistan Refugees to be Deported
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Beyond the Lens of Innocence: The Lives of Refugees in Hong Kong

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Beyond the Lens of Innocence
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Hong Kong Needs a Change of Heart towards Refugees

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SCMP 21st Aug 2016, Change Your hearts towards Refugees
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Refugee Union Presentation to The University Of Hong Kong

Mar 29th, 2016 | Advocacy, Personal Experiences, Refugee Community | Comment

Appreciation on behalf of Refugees in Hong Kong, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Hong Kong Government for the protection and support given to individuals from the time of arrival and up to the moment. Though in some areas the government need to improve in that to meet daily life basic needs.

Due to gender issues, I would like to start with increasing of criminals in Hong Kong by a categorized group as refugees , this is being caused  by people trying to find a way of self-sustenance on basic needs e.g. ;  some guys sell drugs  and being used  by some of local people to carry on this business .

The question is where do refugees get drugs when they cannot go out of HK?

Women are being used by boyfriends to expand on this business in selling drugs.

Then at the end police catch and jail them.

The number of refugees in Hong Kong has increased considerably, this because the screening system [USM] has failed to identify and separate between the genuine refugees and the fake ones. Hong Kong being a signatory to the UN Torture Convention that it ratified in 1992, however it does not resettle refugees in its territory.

Refugee Union strives to unify all refugees in Hong Kong despite their differences in race, nationality and religion to achieve a harmonious society of just men and women.

Reasons Why Refugees Come to Hong Kong.

Running away from Wars

Political persecution

Religious persecution

Threats of Torture / Torture


Challenges Faced by Refugees in Hong Kong

Lack of Education Opportunities

Inadequate rental assistance from the Government.

Inadequate Utilities assistance.

Lack of enough Food to eat.

Lack of quality Medical care.

Slow Screening of Claims without defined time frame.

Lack of enough transport allowance.

Continuous interviews which has a toll in our lives, this causes stress.

Long wait for those accepted before resettlement.

Discrimination- lack of inclusiveness in the society


Limitations of Refugees in Hong Kong

Lack of legal status. They have immigration papers not ID

Children are not given ID in Hong Kong

Children when complete high class not allowed to go for further education

No, trained in any skill, no profession, guidance in career, cannot join any institution as they lack financial muscle.

Difficult to open bank accounts.


Allow refugees to work

Issue ID cards to refugees

Stop Discrimination

Stop Government propaganda saying that all refugees are criminals, drug dealers

Integrate refugees in the society.

RU Women Group


Scrap The Two Week Rule For Domestic Helpers, Government Urged

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Scrap The Two Week Rule For Domestic Hel;pers
Barrister Connelly

Refugees Lives In The Slums

Feb 29th, 2016 | Advocacy, Personal Experiences, Refugee Community | Comment

Refugees In Lam Tei Slums

Refugees in Lam Tei slum struggle for life

Does Race Count in Police Profiling?

Feb 4th, 2016 | Advocacy, Opinion, Personal Experiences | Comment

Hong Kong is an international city with a multitude of nationalities, such as Australians, Americans, Africans, Southeast Asians and Europeans. However in the street Hong Kong Police is very keen to frequently check and single out black people. What on earth have African people done, or is it because of our skin color?

In fact, the so called “Freedom of Movement” in this city has become a regular prison experience for us mostly Africans, refugees and residents alike, because uniformed officers regularly harass and follow us around without probable cause. Are African people considered criminals on sight?

Most times the police approach us in the streets and parks and demonstrate clear disrespect and discrimination. We are greatly profiled compared to other nationalities. How often are other races intercepted for random checks and searches? I don’t think overseas Chinese are treated this way especially in Africa where I come from.

For example, at 6pm on 2 January 2016 we were crossing a road near Central Ferry Piers with an African friend. As we waited for the pedestrian lights to turn green, we noticed three uniformed Police officers standing on the opposite side of the road. When they saw us, they spoke to each other and then came directly towards us. We were predictably intercepted and stopped.

We were asked to produce our passports or ID cards. The officers were surprised when we both produced Hong Kong ID cards. Presumably they thought that we were over stayers. As they called in for personal data, they requested us to raise our hands in the air while they searched our pockets, bags and wallets as passersby walked around and watched the spectacle.

One Police officer asked us, “Where are you from?”, “Are you tourists?”, “Where are you going?” To say the least, we were very upset at the way we were being treated, as if we were criminals. I replied to them, “Please, you have our identity cards. You should find all the information you are looking for from your office. There is no need to ask us.”

Then we enquired, “Why do you always suspect and stop African people in the street? Why do you treat us like criminals? Do you check other nationalities like this? Look at the many people passing by. Why don’t you check their IDs and disrespect them like you are doing to us now?”

One of the officers replied, “Yes, we check everybody the same way we are doing to you now. And this is for our record and you can check our record to see.” However our experience in Hong Kong and that of many Africans we know is quite different. It appears that police stop and search many black people, particularly in certain areas like around Chung King Mansion and both sides of the Star Ferry.

We then responded, “We do not believe what you are saying, because ever since we have been living in Hong Kong, we have never seen the police treat other nationalities the way they treat blacks. However, African governments and people respect and protect Chinese people whenever they visit the African Countries. In fact, the Chinese in Africa are privileged and enjoy their freedoms unlike blacks in Hong Kong, monitored and followed everywhere. This is harassment. Africans also deserve to be free in Hong Kong.”

The officers did not reply. They looked at each other. Closed their notebooks and walked off.

Stopping and questioning

Under section 54(1) of the Police Force Ordinance (Cap. 232 Laws of Hong Kong), it is lawful for a police officer to stop a person who is acting in a suspicious manner. The police officer may require that person to produce proof of identity (i.e. by showing a Hong Kong ID card or passport), and detain that person on the spot for a reasonable period to make enquiries into whether or not the person is suspected of having committed any offence at any time. What constitutes a “suspicious manner” is based only on the subjective assessment of the police officer. However, the police officer must, in fact, have a genuine suspicion.

Does race count in police profiling 

The Invisible Generation

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The Number of Homeless People has Increases Tremendously, Study Shows.

Jan 13th, 2016 | Advocacy, Government, Housing, Personal Experiences, Refugee Community, Welfare | Comment

Macrefugees Number Increases Tremendously

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