Monthly Meeting at Refugee Union

Jan 12th, 2018 | Advocacy | Comment

The January monthly meeting of members and visitors at Refugee Union
The January monthly meeting at Refugee Union

On 8 January, Refugee Union (RU) held its first monthly meeting of 2018. Though the weather was quite cold, members and visitors showed up in force. RU members discussed ongoing issues and concerns. One of the most pressing issues for refugees continues to be legal battles for recognition of refugee status here in Hong Kong, and fear of deportation back to dangerous situations in home countries. Such legal battles cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for refugees and their families here. Parents especially worry about the future of their children, and how to raise healthy and happy children here in Hong Kong in the midst of this stress and uncertainty.

Other issues discussed included raising awareness about the recent apartment rent increases. While rent has gone up, housing allowances for refugees have not. Since refugees are prohibited from working in Hong Kong, they are particularly affected by the high living expenses here.

Lastly, members discussed how to continue funding for ongoing and new programming here at Refugee Union. Cash donations will go a long way in order to provide for language classes, kids’ classes, playgroup, and more. Refugees have skills to share and develop with the greater Hong Kong community. Invest in refugees in Hong Kong. For more information, please email

January Round-up at Refugee Union

Jan 12th, 2018 | RU Report, RU updates, programs, events | Comment

Refugee Union (RU) has already started getting busy in 2018. On 8 January, Refugee Union held its monthly meeting for members and visitors, and last weekend, RU resumed classes for children and adults.

Student volunteers assisting with kids’ classes at Refugee Union last Saturday

We are grateful for all the donations of warm jackets, blankets, and diapers that have come in so far, and could always use more! Keep the donations coming. Most importantly, cash donations are needed to support existing programs for refugees, like our cultural diversity playgroup and language  classes, as well as to fund new programs in 2018. There is still much to improve. Refugees have essential skills to share and develop, and your support will not only assist refugees, but the greater Hong Kong population as well. Human rights such as affordable housing, food, and child support remain incredibly difficult for refugees in Hong Kong to access.

Young people and parents at play during cultural diversity playgroup, held every other Wednesday at Refugee Union
Young people and parents at play during cultural diversity playgroup, held every other Wednesday at Refugee Union

Please consider making a cash donation to Refugee Union – we would be deeply grateful, and it will go a long way to supporting the refugee community here in Hong Kong. You can email us as at to learn more, and to donate. Thank you!