Unique services offered by the Refugee Union

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These are the unique services Refugee Union provides to its members and Hong Kong residents:

  1. We offer refugees accurate information on seeking asylum and practical guidance on surviving day-to-day despite the 99% immigration rejection rate and insufficient welfare assistance;
  2. We provide a welcoming “community centre” where refugees share experiences, support and learn from each other without being judged, observed or otherwise influenced;
  3. We receive donations from residents, schools and universities, companies and restaurants as well as NGOs that fill gaps in the government assistance that does not include clothes, shoes, sufficient food, baby products, telecom equipment and toiletries (i.e.. shaving cream and pads);
  4. We are a “home away from home” where refugees freely hang-out and enjoy some comfort away from the small, subdivided often windowless rooms that we rent and often share with others;
  5. We are a collection, sorting and storage location for donation drives which are often voluminous and cannot be delivered to individual homes. Here we collect what we need, when we need it;
  6. We are a place for residents and volunteers to connect directly with refugees, learn first hand about the challenges of seeking asylum and explore ways to support our society and community;
  7. After the pandemic, we will resume weekly classes that enhance our lives, such as: Cantonese, English, homework support, arts and crafts, breastfeeding as well as programs offered by other organizations and volunteers;
  8. At the new centre, we will expand food services with a canteen where refugees can have a meal before collecting donations or after attending classes;
  9. At the new centre, we will create a “marketplace” to sell donations we do not need but have value, such as small items like lamps, car seats, decorative items, books and toys;
  10. At the new centre, we can manage corporate donations from food distributors, baby and health products wholesalers and restaurants which we currently cannot manage;
Unique services offered by RU

Crowdfunding campaign for a new centre

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Refugee Union is the only registered refugee-led society in Hong Kong. We have 1000+ members from 30 countries, including 200+ babies and children. Our services are limited by the donations we receive. We are entirely dependent on residents’ support as we are prohibited from working under threat of 15 months in prison. Our society receives no government, institutional or corporate support. The government provides us with HK$ 3200 for rent, food, utilities and transport monthly.

Since 2014 we enjoyed a free office space in Sai Ying Pun which many of you visited. Then Covid-19 struck and our fortune changed! 

Soon we will be homeless, so we humbly seek your financial assistance to secure a warehouse in Lai Chi Kok with a budget of HK$ 10,000 a month.
Crowdfunding campaign - 18Mar2021

Drink For Justice – 17 April 2021 @Bella Lee

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Let’s overcome social and ethnic divides! Join us to make new friends and promote genuine solidarity while drinking for justice
After a long and unfortunate hiatus, Drink For Justice returns to celebrate a joyful get together
Meet us for an evening of laughs, music, games and a free-flow of wine, beer and special cocktails! Let’s overcome social and ethnic divides, make new friends and promote genuine solidarity one drink at the time
Bring your friends and join us to the most meaningful free-flow event in town. Proceeds will go towards supporting the Refugee Union move to a new Community Centre
DFJ Event at Bella Lee - 17Apr2021

We are most grateful to our charity partners

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We are grateful to our charity partners for the awesome support offered to our members who struggle below the poverty line with insufficient welfare and no right to work
We could not provide our service to refugees without your assistance – Thank you
The Amber Foundation
Hands on Hong Kong
Grassroots Future
Bliss & Bless 
The Zubin Foundation
Crafty Charity Shop
Sunshine Action
Feeding Hong Kong
Soap Cycling 
… and more!
Thanking charity partners

My family needs your help

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“When the choice of escaping to Hong Kong came along, it seemed like a dream” recalls Sharon. But several years later she is bitterly disappointed. The mother fled her country due to unspeakable violence suffered by one of her children. A professional, but also a widow, the authorities failed to protect her from powerful abusers determined to shut her mouth – one way or another.
Over the past years Sharon learned that asylum protection in Hong Kong is granted to less than 1% of claimants, the few who meet unrealistically high standards of proof. But the ways of the world are complex and its wicked currents sweep away many unable to document their plunge.
With an inhumane pincer movement, HK government oppresses refugees with insufficient welfare as well as stiff jail terms with the stated goal of “avoiding a magnet effect” as if slapping every student in class will prevent scoundrels from joining! Frankly that turns refugees into beggars. We don’t have enough money for rent and food. We are provide no clothes, shoes, hygiene products (shaving cream, sanitary pads and diapers for example), glasses, household items and phones. We are given one roll of toilet paper a month…
We need your help not because we are unfit to make a living or lazy, but because we sought asylum in #hongkong and are condemned to live in poverty with one hand tied behind our back.
We have been unable to open a society’s bank account, so donations are channeled through “Drink For Justice”, a registered charity that disburses financial aid to refugee families.
You donation will make a tangible difference in our life. You are welcome to visit our centre to learn more and perhaps sponsor a refugee family to learn what is needed and how money is spent.
Please WhatsApp 98287176 and share with your friends. Thank you
My family needs your help 1

Please donate!

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“What’s going on?” you might be thinking.
Please take a few minutes to walk in our shoes.
We refugees (called Unified Screening Mechanism or USM claimants in Hong Kong) are banned from working under Section 38AA of the Immigration Ordinance. We sign a document agreeing to this restriction when we are released from detention.
The case that sets the sentencing tariff is “Usman Butt HCMA 70/2010″. The starting point is 22.5 months after trial, 15 months after 1/3 discount for guilty plea. it is usually followed by weeks/months in Immigration detention.
One of our female members was recently released from jail for working illegally. She went straight to Yuen Long to pick up her two children who had been taken in by a Refugee Union member.
The Government provides us with insufficient assistance, namely: $1500 rent, $1200 food coupons, $300 utilities and $200 transportation – for a total of HK$ 3,200 per month. There has been no increase since January 2014.
The Government claims it is sufficient to prevent refugees from working. We call this the “BIG LIE” because there is no provision for clothes, shoes, haircuts, SIM cards, shaving cream, lady products, baby products or toilet paper … you get the picture!
What about the big expenses everyone pays in Hong Kong? Rent and rental deposits for example. The cheapest, windowless, 10 m², rundown, subdivided room costs $4000. Two refugees can share a room but they only receive $3000 for rent.
Yesterday two refugee ladies came to the office. They were homeless but had located a room in Yau Ma Tei for $4500. They were distressed because to raise $1500 they both had to ” .” The Refugee Union provided the cash.
You might think it is just an example with shock value, but to walk in our shoes means sharing our challenges and worries. “How to get money?” is a daily preoccupation, one we bare stoically because we are responsible for ourselves and our families.
The Refugee Union helps us with its limited resources. It is the only NGO that hands out cash to refugees. Now you can help us directly by donating cash to “Drink For Justice” – a registered charity that pass 100% of your donations to us.
If you have questions or want to speak to us, please contact us through WhatsApp 9828 7176 or come directly to the office at
3/F., 102 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.
Please Donate Fyler - 20Jan2021

Project: Refugee Connect

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Refugee Connect is a student project led by Sophia Zhang at ESF Sha Tin College. Our mission is to empower refugees and asylum seekers, particularly women. We aim to help them connect with families, society and most importantly, themselves. By law, refugees cannot work – therefore, they rely on the meagre government aid of $3200 a month to survive. This not only prevents them from accessing many essential resources in Hong Kong, but it also strips away an important aspect of their humanity – dignity. 
To alleviate this, Refugee Connect launched Project Link by Link (in partnership with the Refugee Union), a jewellery and crafts workshop for refugee women to help channel their creativity and regain their dignity with something they made with their own two hands. After a series of workshops, the end products are the handmade accessories, crafted with love and laughter, displayed in the order form below:
By purchasing these handmade products, you are supporting these refugee women and making a positive change in their lives. All proceeds will be donated back to our refugee participants to help them buy mobile data cards and other essentials, something that they often do not have access to due to lack of disposable income. This will help them stay ‘connected’ with their families back in their home countries, as well as with Hong Kong society in general. 
Please visit our website:
You can also donate to our cause here:
Follow us on Instagram @refugeeconnecthk
Thank you for your support!
Refugee Conect 1
Refugee Connect 2

Hong Kong Refugee Sharing

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Hong Kong Refugee Sharing - 25Aug2020

Thank you, Shen Shu Yi Foundation!

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Can you help us?

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