Refugees who sheltered Snowden now live in fear in Hong Kong

Post Date: Feb 24th, 2017 | Categories: Advocacy, Government, Immigration, Legal, Refugee Community, Rejection, Welfare | COMMENT

CNN Snowden Sri Lanka fears story
RTibbo and Snowden


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  1. Nice, From the sri Lanka Majority Ethnic group ( have no real fear of persecution back home. Just an economical migrant) knows very well that they will never get their refugee claim approved, now using the Edward snowden story . regardless of whether they sheltered Snowden or not the Sri Lankan government has no Interest in investigate that. Well US does not require any help from Sri Lankan government to investigate this matter in Hong Kong. US and Hong kong are in way better relationship. They can investigate with the help of local authorities. Please tell MR.Robert Tibbo to learn more about Sri lanka, and which ethnicity in Sri Lanka needs help.
    Mr. Cosmo Beatson please stop posting fake stories to make money for yourself