Refugees Protests Failed Welfare and Demand of Rent Guarantors

Post Date: Nov 22nd, 2016 | Categories: Advocacy, Food, Housing, Refugee Community, Rejection, Welfare | COMMENT

Refugee Protests At SWD VF





  1. Concerned Hong Kong Citizen

    Here in the immigrant-based city of Hong Kong, we are highly concerned with the human rights of the all legal immigrants, regardless of whether they are from China, South Asia or other places. However, it is unfair that criminal elements (all who entered illegally or overstayed their legal entry) may enter Hong Kong using illegal means to abuse our welfare system and empathy to fulfil their nefarious purposes here in Hong Kong. Already, “asylum” seekers coming from countries with no history of political suppression (but history of economic difficulties) are ALL enjoying subsidies, food coupons and other benefits which are NOT widely available to the Hong Kong population. Economic migrants should enter our city using legal means, and the current legal loopholes abused by “asylum” seekers must be closed.

    I would like to plead with the refugee union to cease their racist activities discriminating the Chinese population of Hong Kong. Already, these “refugees” have been proven to pose a great threat to Hong Kong’s security and stability, being responsible for various natures of crimes. Hence, please stop requesting additional privileges for criminals posing as asylum seekers.

  2. To All Fake Refugees In HONG KONG , In the first place we have never invited you all to come and sit on our land, Second Please don’t blame the Government or it’s system it’s there for some reasons. You all come from nowhere and now ant us and our Government to support you in all way ??? But remember that’s our Tax payers money which you are enjoying, instead of complaining, Please leave with all your family members who or what so ever….I request to Hong Kong government to implement a Camp system like we use to have for vietnamese boat people in hong kong, So we will be save from these refugees.

  3. Hong Kong People

    You are not a VIP invited from Hong Kong. if you think we treat you unfair, i think you should leave Hong Kong IMMEDIATELY.
    You spend a lot of money from Hong Kong people, since we don’t have any obiligation to support your daily life.
    I would like to let you know that we don’t want you to stay in Hong Kong anymore, WE ARE ANGRYING.